Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I suck at blogging.... :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Getting caught up on summer events/pictures is now a hopeless cause. (Heck it's almost October) Therefore, I am putting the past behind me and moving forward into the unknown. First, I have to mention my method of picking my really random blog backgrounds. You see, I have always been quite an indecisive soul, picking one background out of the millions is an almost impossible task. Well, on the web page there are different pages of backgrounds that are numbered, I always ask Taylor to pick a number, and I then am forced to choose a background from that page. So far I have gotten relatively lucky, and had some normal, even cute, backgrounds to choose from. But if in the future you wonder about my tastes, just know that I did my best with what I had to work with.

Life is still good in Cedar. It involves, school, play, and a lot of work!! I'm really excited because this weekend we are driving to California for a family reunion on Taylor's side. Lots of these people I've never even met. It'll be fabulous to meet them, and to just spend time with all the Blancos!

One last thing.... Yesterday I was watching Jeopardy on my work break when a miracle occurred... I actually knew the answer to the final Jeopardy question and none of the contestants did!! This was the question (or at least the gist of it.) Subject: Word Origins
This word, meaning to be unfaithful, was derived from a bird who
would commonly leave its eggs in a different nest to be raised.
Let me know if you know the answer. And to be honest, I just knew the word, not the bird.

Ok, one last thing for real this time, on Tuesday I chopped 7 inches of my hair off! I've never ever had short hair in my entire life, it's quite a change, but so far I really like it. I'll post a picture when I actually take one...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A blogger once more...

We have recently acquired a new addition to the family, his name is HP and he is our laptop! It's interesting, after going to college for so many years, I finally have a computer I can use without asking or without having to walk across campus, it is lovely! Because of this new addition I hope to become a more faithful blogger, although I can make no guarantees.

Much has happened in the last few months, catching up doesn't seem like much of a possibility but here is the quick attempt...

The biggest thing Taylor and I did this summer was go on our official honeymoon, our cruise to Mexico! It was fabulous! We spent 7 nights on the biggest cruise ship in the pacific, eating whatever we wanted, sleeping as late as we could, and having a grand ol' time in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. By far the most beautiful of the 3 and the one we would definitely recommend is Puerto Vallarta, it was gorgeous! We got to go on a canopy zip line tour through the jungle, the longest zip line was over 1600 meters and was crazy fun. In Cabo we did a little boat tour and some snorkeling. While we were snorkeling our guide dove suddenly into the water and then came up with a puffer fish in his hands (of course if was puffed up at the time, how could you not feel threatened after being man handled like that) he simply said "here" and pushed it into Taylor's hands, all I could do was really poke at it. All in all, an interesting experience. I could go on forever, but won't.

We pulled back into the LA port on Sunday, and spent Sunday and Monday with my brother Jeff and his wife Kathryn who live there in LA. It was really fun to see them. Of course, we got 2 good games of settlers in while we were there...fabulous. On Monday night my parents and all my younger siblings, except for andrew of course, arrived at Jeff and kathryns for the beginning of their week long Cali trip. So basically, we had 10 people sleeping in their one bedroom apartment that night. My little brother Tim slept on the floor in the kitchen, which made it difficult the next morning when we all wanted breakfast and he was still asleep. Good times, I love my fam!!

To be continued....
p.s. I love my husband, he felt left out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

9 days and counting...

Taylor and I have officially been married for 9 days! Wow. I'm not gonna post too many details, but it was a fantastic day! The only two glitches I can think of was 1) I forgot to take my wedding shoes to the temple and 2) I forgot to take my temple recommend into the temple. (No worries, it was in the car.) It was so fun to see all our family and friends. Our wedding reception that night was so fun, and I've never seen dance moves quite like those that were displayed that evening. We also had an open house in Arizona that was beautiful! Kudos to our parents for pulling everything off! Love you! I know I'm cutting a lot out, but I don't want to bore you. Long story short, today was our first day back in the real world... arg. It began with my alarm going off at 5 am because I had to be to work at 6, what a shocker to bring us back into reality. Although, once I think about it, reality is gonna be pretty awesome! After all, I'm married to a very patient, loving, kind, crazy fun and not to mention, handsome guy...eternity is gonna be good!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

busy weekend + new apartment!

Last weekend was the crazy weekend of all crazy weekends! Long story short...dress, tux, flowers, cake, random wedding shopping, and two fabulous showers! With all the wedding stuff we did, you'd think we'd be done with wedding stuff...we're not! After two short days of being in Salt Lake, Taylor and I returned to Cedar and a new empty apartment! Wahoooo! We decided that I would be the one to move in, so I'm currently living alone for the next month which has NEVER happened and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. It'll take some getting used to. (especially since the only piece of furniture right now is an air mattress...does that count at furniture?) The apartment if wonderful, even though it's definitely not glamorous. It's quite small, but thanks to an incredible storage closet I think we will survive. It's literally across the street from campus which we love, we also love the price, it's rockin. If I were to complain about one thing it would be the bathroom. It's itty bitty! Zero counter space and zero cupboard space...what's a girl to do??? I spent several hours today trying to organize as best I could, so far it's lookin pretty good, but still lacking in furniture of course. I currently have no pictures, but wait patiently and one day I just might post some..

Saturday, January 31, 2009

So I know this is my second post in a day, and I feel slightly silly about that but I've figured out blogging and I just had to celebrate!!! Thanks to a little help from my dear friend Liz, I figured out all the good stuff...(please take time to notice my adorable background...) So anyways, now that I've got all that under my belt it's time to get into the blogging. I guess I'll start with the fact that I'm engaged! His name is Taylor Blanco and he is from Arizona. We've been engaged since November 1st, and we're getting married March 14th. For those of you who don't want to do the math on that one, that's a 4 and a half month engagement. Ya know, 4 and half months doesn't seem like a long time, and the first 2 months sped by like nothing, but now they are DRAGGING!! What's really starting to bug me is all the people I know who got engaged after us and are getting married before us... what's the deal with that? Really I'm not as bitter as I sound, I promise. In fact, I think our wedding date is awesome, not only will we have the entire week of spring break before school starts again, but, for all you math nerds out there, march 14th also happens to be national pi day! For some reason that makes me really happy. Wedding plans are in full swing and one of my biggest fears is that on the day of my wedding I will suddenly remember some very important thing I was supposed to do...oh well, I don't think I will care when the day comes. Well, I've spend entirely too much time online today figuring out this blogging deal, so that's it for now. I know you'll probably be on pins and needles until next time, but I guess you'll just have to deal with that. Thanks for reading!

welcome to the blogging world...

As if facebook wasn't already a big enough waste of time, I decided to start a blog. I think my problem is that it's the first saturday in a long time that I haven't worked and I have absolutely nothing to do! I was planning on sleeping in nice and long when Taylor (my fiance, he will be mentioned more later) called and woke me up! Don't worry, it was a necessary phone call, but I just couldn't go back to sleep. (Side note, I can never remember how to spell the word necessary, is it two c's or to s's??? So I had to look it up in the dictionary, and alas, I had it right the first time.) So this is what it comes down to, I'm really excited to start this blog and to live the exciting life of a blogger. So far, I'm not sure how to do anything... We'll see how this goes.