Saturday, January 31, 2009

So I know this is my second post in a day, and I feel slightly silly about that but I've figured out blogging and I just had to celebrate!!! Thanks to a little help from my dear friend Liz, I figured out all the good stuff...(please take time to notice my adorable background...) So anyways, now that I've got all that under my belt it's time to get into the blogging. I guess I'll start with the fact that I'm engaged! His name is Taylor Blanco and he is from Arizona. We've been engaged since November 1st, and we're getting married March 14th. For those of you who don't want to do the math on that one, that's a 4 and a half month engagement. Ya know, 4 and half months doesn't seem like a long time, and the first 2 months sped by like nothing, but now they are DRAGGING!! What's really starting to bug me is all the people I know who got engaged after us and are getting married before us... what's the deal with that? Really I'm not as bitter as I sound, I promise. In fact, I think our wedding date is awesome, not only will we have the entire week of spring break before school starts again, but, for all you math nerds out there, march 14th also happens to be national pi day! For some reason that makes me really happy. Wedding plans are in full swing and one of my biggest fears is that on the day of my wedding I will suddenly remember some very important thing I was supposed to do...oh well, I don't think I will care when the day comes. Well, I've spend entirely too much time online today figuring out this blogging deal, so that's it for now. I know you'll probably be on pins and needles until next time, but I guess you'll just have to deal with that. Thanks for reading!

welcome to the blogging world...

As if facebook wasn't already a big enough waste of time, I decided to start a blog. I think my problem is that it's the first saturday in a long time that I haven't worked and I have absolutely nothing to do! I was planning on sleeping in nice and long when Taylor (my fiance, he will be mentioned more later) called and woke me up! Don't worry, it was a necessary phone call, but I just couldn't go back to sleep. (Side note, I can never remember how to spell the word necessary, is it two c's or to s's??? So I had to look it up in the dictionary, and alas, I had it right the first time.) So this is what it comes down to, I'm really excited to start this blog and to live the exciting life of a blogger. So far, I'm not sure how to do anything... We'll see how this goes.