Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mystery Solved

The mystery was solved...unfortunately it wasn't good news for the fish. When Taylor got home yesterday, he took one of the seashells out of the bowl and broke it open with the hammer. Sure enough, the poor little guy was inside, good and dead. The funny thing is I had moved the shell around and shaken it and nothing had come out, it was good and stuck. One positive about this experience is that Davin didn't even realize we had fish which is good because now we don't have to explain death to him at such a young and fragile age... :) It's a good thing we've done a better job keeping our kid alive than our fish.

Friday, April 29, 2011


No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed a picture of an empty fish bowl. Up until last night we have a little fishy swimming around in there. And then this morning a mysterious thing happened... the bowl was EMPTY! I called Taylor at work to see if perhaps it had died and he was super proactive about flushing it down the toilet but he denies any such actions. I checked all around the bowl and on the floor and everything to see if maybe the fish had gone kamikaze on such luck. So for now, the mystery remains...Where did our fish go???

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It runs in the family

We had Davin's 6 month doctor's appointment today. The little man did great with everything, even his shots. In case you might possibly be even a teensy bit interested, here are his stats...
Weight: 18 lbs. 7 oz. 64th percentile
Height: 28 in. 90th percentile
And last but not least
Head Circumference: 46 cm. 95th percentile...What can I say, the kid's got brains.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just because

Just because someone might be having a bad day and needs to see pictures of the cutest boy in the world in order to cheer them up....

Yay grass!!

Hanging out in St. George with aunt Whitney


Handsome boys

Easter! His first Easter basket, he was so excited!

I can't believe he is already 6 months old. My how time flies. For posterity's sake here are some things about Davin...
  • His new favorite sound (much to Taylor's delight) is Da-da. He says it over and over and sometimes even babbles something that sounds EXACTLY like "hi dad"
  • He has discovered the delight of rolling across the floor
  • He thinks his cousin is hilarious! We saw them the other day and every time Kashus threw the ball in the air or jumped up and down Davin would laugh hysterically. So cute.
  • He sits up like a champ
  • He loves touching/chewing/pulling mommy's hair
  • We recently started giving him fruits in addition to veggies and he loves them
  • When he gets overly excited he will sit there with his mouth wide open in a huge grin and shake his arms and legs (almost like a seizure...)
  • When he gets tired he does this really high pitched squeal/scream thing. (not a big deal unless we're at church)
  • He's kinda a fatty
We love our little man!