Friday, September 23, 2011


I am so happy that Davin have cousins close to his age! Hopefully they will grow up to be great friends and have many chances to make all sorts of mischief together (hopefully at Grandma's house...)
Glenn side: Dav with his cute cousin Brielle

They cooperated pretty well...
The Blanco boys did NOT cooperate...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slow Down, Buster

I need to blog more simply because it's easier than writing and therefore the only place I'm really recording Davin's milestones. (terrible mother, aren't I) So before he grows up too fast, here's davin's latest update on his growing upness...

Words he says (or tries to say)

  • Ball
  • Bottle
  • Book
  • Dog
  • Duck
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Down (Right this very minute he is playing a game where he stands up and then falls on his bum and says "dow" or sometimes it sounds more like "daw")
  • Giraffe (I swear he really says this! It usually sounds like "baffe" or "gaffe")

Cute stuff

  • He's lately started making the "muah" kissing noise and will imitate me when I give him kisses
  • He actually has just started imitating us all the time, mostly with noises we make(including bodily function noises, if you know what I mean. If he hears them he will make the same noise with his mouth.) hehe
  • He still loves books. One of his favorites right now is a farm animal book. So far he moos, baas, and woofs.
  • The other day Taylor discovered Davin in his room on his old baby swing, sitting backwards and just swinging away.

  • When he likes his food (and sometimes even when I just set him in his highchair) he will start saying “mmm mmm”
  • He makes this funny little face by opening his mouth as wide as possible while still covering his teeth.
  • He still loves to chase balls and will roll his body over them and then put his head on the ground with his bum in the air to look at the ball.
  • Sometimes he just sticks his bum in the air and puts his head on the ground for no apparent reason.
  • He drinks out of a straw, which for some reason was very exciting…
  • He likes to dive headfirst off the couch and bed. (I think this means he trusts us enough to know we’ll catch him, or at least that we’ll try) This is me catching him at the last second while still snapping the picture.


· He has seven teeth (and they are sharp)

· He walks very well when we stand him up and hold out our arms, but doesn’t choose to walk when he could just crawl

· He has finally started waving! (But only when he feels like it)

· He had his first haircut. His hair is so blonde and thin you couldn’t tell how long it was.

After reading this over it doesn’t do him justice at all! He is the most adorable baby in the world! Just trust me.

Watching college football with dad while eating chips and salsa

After eating yummy licorice
Basket of Balls!!
"Helping" daddy pack