Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'll take him

I was thinking today about how people often say something along the lines of "it's nice to play with kids for a while, but I'm always glad to give them back to their parents at the end of the day." I've said it too in my past, but now I'd rather say something like this...
I'm glad that when my baby wakes me up in the mornings and I get him out of his crib he makes me the recipient of the biggest smile known to man.
I'm glad that sometimes he'll just lay on my lap and put his little hands on my face and "talk" to me.
I'm glad that I am the one privileged enough to witness all of his "firsts"
I'm glad that I'm the one who can calm him down when he's sad.
I'm glad every time one of his little dimples pops up.
I'm glad that in a crowded room his eyes follow me.
I'm glad that I'm the one who gets wet when he splashes in the tub.
I'm glad I get to hear him every time he laughs.
I'm glad that someone so perfect trusts me so entirely.

So ladies and gents, you can hold him and play with him as much as you want, but at the end of the day, he's mine (drool, poop, and all) ...and I'll take him!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I get that a lot

The other day at work this cute little boy came through my line with his parents and the following conversation took place…

-Cute little boy while holding up a short grocery list “Can you read this?”

-Me “Yes I can, it says bread, eggs, cereal, and bananas. Am I right?”

-Cute little boy “Yeah”

Short pause….

-Cute little boy while looking at me quizzically “Are you in first grade?”

Now, people often think I’m younger than I am. It’s not uncommon to see surprise on stranger’s faces when they discover that not only am I no longer in high school, but I am in fact a college graduate who is married and has a small child. I have, however, never had my age so grossly underestimated as that day by that little boy. Of course I’m not really being serious. I obviously don’t look like I’m in first grade(right?) you see, after his question I learned that he is in Kindergarten and was simply impressed with my ability to read, and therefore assumed the one thing his little mind could fathom, that I must be in first grade. Let’s be honest, it was adorable.

So, hopefully, next time someone asks what High School I go to I’ll simply be able to smile and remember that at least they don’t think I’m a first grader. Thanks for the laugh little boy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

You can learn a lot in 2 years...

I'm not one for lovey dovey posts about how wonderful my husband is and how much I am head over hills in love with him and fall more in love with him each day and how he is the greatest/sweetest/silliest/funniest/sexiest/nicest/generousest/kindest/caringest/goodest/
amazingest/brilliantest/cutest/charmingest/lovablest man in the world. I'm just not. Instead, because it is after all our 2 year anniversary, I've decided to dedicate a post to all his silly quirks that make him him and (most of the time) make me laugh.
1) How he brushes his teeth with hot water...who does that?
2) How he never knows the correct lyrics to songs. Lets be honest, this one is sometimes hilarious. For instance "I went to the danger zone, danger zone" (he was so shocked when he discovered it was actually "Highway to the danger zone.") When he doesn't know the words he usually creates his own. Funny yes, however our kids will be the confused ones in preschool wondering why their daddy told them the itsy bitsy spider actually never made it back to the water spout because he was crushed to death on the sidewalk.
3) How he has a unibrow (gasp!) but keeps it well groomed by plucking it... with his pliers. That's right, he's too much of a manly man to pluck with tweezers. Who knew that pliers were so versatile.
4) How he hits a certain time at night and somehow can't, for the life of him, manage to stay awake. We're talking falling asleep mid sentence and not remembering entire conversations that we have had.
5) How he sees a lake/river/stream/pond/puddle and immediately thinks only one thing..."I wonder if there's fish in there?"
6) How he is an atrocious speller!! This one makes me laugh all the time. He might not appreciate the following story, but hey, he never reads the blog anyways... The first time I learned about his spelling issues was when we were dating and I happened to see a grocery list he had written up. It took me a minute to realize he was needing to buy tortillas because I just didn't recognize the word "torteas". Bahahahaha. (Don't judge him, he tries)
7) How he consistently uses the word "vehicle" when referring to all cars in general, and corrects me if I call a truck/van/suv/ a "car". Does that make sense? For instance, he wouldn't say "Look at all those cars on the freeway." But would instead say "Look at all those vehicles on the freeway." Along the same lines, he won't say "picture", but instead says "photo".
8) How he thinks chips and salsa are their own food group on the pyramid... or at least that they should be.

Ok, ok, I've been thinking that he probably deserves some of his good qualities that I love to be pointed out, so here goes...
1) How he cooks dinner 80% of the time.
2) How I go to work 3 days a week and he stays home and plays "Mr. Mom" and does a great job. (I never worry.)
3) How he doesn't make fun of me or get annoyed when I waste time facebook/blog stalking.
4) How he acts at least somewhat interested when I tell him what happened on The Bachelor every week.
5) How he doesn't get mad when I correct his spelling. (and laugh at him in the process.)
6) How he is extremely dedicated to school and works so hard to do his best.
7) How he doesn't get angry or frustrated with me even when I'm being completely unreasonable.
8) How he folds 90% of the laundry.
9) How he loves his baby so much

Happy 2 years Love!