Friday, June 25, 2010

6 things you must know about the past 6 months...

1. A child began taking form in my belly. That's right, I am indeed pregnant with a baby boy who is due Oct. 12th. No, we haven't picked a name, nor are we close to a decision...any suggestions?? ( us.)

This is our little fart at 18 weeks when we found out he was a boy.
19 weeks in this picture. Just the beginnings of a baby belly.

2. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Now on to the next million...
3.We moved...about 100 feet away from our old house. Except now instead of a one bedroom basement apartment, we are in a 2 bedroom 2nd story apartment...woohoo for moving up in the world.
4. Taylor and I both got pulled over for the first time ever, about a month apart from each other. The unfortunate thing...I was first, which means Taylor won that bet...ah nuts. (No tickets though...thank goodness.)
5. We spent a fabulous week in Oceanside California with Taylor's family. The week included Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and beach time. It was a much needed break and we loved hanging out with the Blanco crew.

Yup, typical Blancos. 23 weeks pregnant in this picture... My what a difference 4 weeks makes.

6. I updated my blog!!! :)