Sunday, January 16, 2011

Apparently I've still got it

So I started working again this last week, which depending on the moment is either good or bad, I haven't quite decided yet. I guess in all reality it's really not so bad. Taylor gets to be home with Davin while I'm at work so he's in good hands and they get a lot of male bonding time in. But that is not the point of this post!

The following is one of those stories that reminds you that awkwardness truly is awesomeness. So I was at work yesterday just chugging along in my checkstand when this guy, most likely an SUU student, comes through my line. He made small talk and I didn't think much of it although it did seem like he was trying to flirt and the thought crossed my mind that perhaps I should flash my wedding ring at him. But he was gone as soon as he had arrived and that was that...or so I thought. A few minutes later he walks back in the door, assertively walks back up to my checkstand, and begins this lovely little spiel....
Guy--"So I just know that if I didn't come back in and say this I would regret it..."
My head--"What the?!?!"
Guy--"So I was just wondering if sometime when you weren't busy if you would want to..."
My head--"Oh my...seriously? What the crap am I supposed to do here?"
Guy--"..go to a movie or something with me?"
My mouth-- (while pointing at my ring and rather hastily bursting out) "Um, I'm married"
Guy--"Oh, I guess I should have checked that....ok bye." (And then rather hastily running out the door.)

I wish you could understand the awkwardness that I felt at that moment. And yes, those that know me know that my face had turned a lovely shade of red. But at least it gave me and my fellow employees a good laugh.

So, to all you singles out there let this be a lesson to you....Always, ALWAYS, do a ring check!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello Dear Blog

Hello dear blog, it's been a while. There are a few things I think you should know...
-I had a baby! Davin Wade Blanco was born Oct. 19th at 3:18 pm and weighed in at 8 lbs 12 oz. and was 21 in. long. Long story short, I was induced, was in labor for 12 hours, an hour and a half of which consisted of intense pushing, when Davin wouldn't budge I went in for an emergency c-section and just a few minutes later our little guy was born.
-We've been to Arizona for Thanksgiving and Salt Lake for Christmas. Davin is an excellent traveler.
-We're back in Cedar now, Taylor has started another semester of school.
-Davin is growing like crazy! A few of his favorite things include drooling, pooping, and luckily for me...sleeping!!!! He is so so good at night. It is very rare for him to wake up at all during the night now and is not unusual for him to go a straight 9-10 hours.
-He is in the stage where he loves to talk. He will just stare up at us and make the cutest noises and when we make them back I swear he thinks we're communicating.
-He hates laying on his tummy, and because of that he is super close to rolling over. He tries so hard but those darn arms get in the way.
-Basically, we love our little guy. It's strange how we seem to be falling more and more in love with him. He is a bundle of fun, and it's weird to think that 3 months ago he wasn't in our lives (unless you count his being in my tummy.)
Sorry I'm so awful at this blogging thing. Here are a couple of cute pictures, please forgive!

These loaded in reverse... So this is just a recent sleeping picture.
On his blessing day. Poor kid was probably not comfy in this outfit
He loves to smile
Halloween and my two mexicans in their ponchos.
In the hospital, brand new