Wednesday, August 29, 2012

it must be the end of the world

There have been some changes that have occurred in our family since we've moved here....I've become...domestic!!  In the past week I have made blackberry jam, strawberry jam, and canned peaches with plans to can pears this weekend.  There must be something in the air, I never saw this coming.

Monday, August 27, 2012

More Things Oregon

A few thoughts about how things are different in Oregon...

*Pumping gas-all that's required now is to hand your card to the guy at the pump and say something fun like "filler up!" and then sit in your car, cozy and warm, while it's all taken care of.

*One way streets are EVERYWHERE! I seriously feel like I need to relearn how to drive, it's ridiculous.

*No sales tax!  Let me tell you about my excitement when I went to the dollar store, bought 5 things, and the total cost was 5 dollars!!!  Sweet!

*The town is small, but combine never having been here with all the one way roads and the multiple highways and ways out of town and it makes me miss the simple days of  the grid and getting on i-15 and driving until you reach your destination.  It was surely simple back then.  And to make matters more interesting, combine all that with a GPS that randomly decides to shut off and then won't turn back that's excitement.

Now an unrelated thought... does anyone else have a hard time with those "identify the letters before you comment on this blog" thing? I got an email from my mom the other day saying she tried ten times to identify the letters so she could comment on my blog, but eventually gave up.  I'm just grateful it's not just my eyes getting worse.  Those robot automated comments they're trying to protect us from must be getting smarter...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Oregonians Shenanigans

We live in Oregon now, it's true.  All things considered, the move went very smoothly with a few small exceptions (let's just say it's a good thing I married a very patient man...) We've been here for about a week and a half and have had some fun "oregonian" experiences...a couple of trips to the coast (60 degrees, overcast, and windy but the soft sand and beautiful views were so worth it!! Now when we say anything about the beach Dav wraps his arms around himself and says "brrrr." we need to take him to hawaii.) picking wild black berries (which grow EVERYWHERE!!) and sweating it out in our house because of this freak 100 degree hot spell and no air conditioning (thanks for the welcome Oregon...where the heck is this rain everyone keeps talking about???) I may live to regret that thought in a few months.

Now that we're here and (mostly) settled, please consider these requests...
1. will someone who has even an itsy bitsy. smallest, tiniest bit of design talent please come decorate my house for me?? Please!!!
and 2. Don't forget us up here! Come see us! I will take you to the beach and give you a lovely pull-out couch to sleep on and entertain you with an absolutely adorable almost two year old (who went to nursery and stayed in nursery for the whole time without crying for the first time today! yayayayayayayayay! Best day of church ever!)

Davin is having fun so far and was so thrilled to see all of his toys and his bed again.  Every time we pull into our parking lot he shouts out "new house!" He'll probably call it that until we move in 4 years. We will miss being close to family, but are so excited to be here and to get to experience this new, exciting stage in our lives.  We've met some great people so far and hope they can endure my taylor's weirdness and become great friends.  Love you all, don't forget to visit, the couch is all ready for you...

And just in case you don't believe me, some pictures to prove we're here
 It took a lot of self control for Dav to leave the rocks alone this long. They were destroyed about .2 seconds after the picture was taken. 

 Cannon Beach

 Ecola State Park. So incredibly beautiful. 

 Lush woods and gorgeous ocean...I may or may not have committed taylor to buying me a house here one day...

 Just in time for low tide. Awesome tide pools and our cool starfish. 

 Quite possibly the first picture we've taken of just us since Dav was born...sad...

 Soooo tired

Look closely-there's a fuzzy caterpillar on his arm. he was in love with that thing.  At Aunt Karen's and Uncle Mitch's.