Thursday, April 26, 2012

18 months

Someone in our house just turned 18 months last week!!  Davin is growing up so fast, it's unbelievable how quickly he reached this milestone.  Strange how some days seem to take weeks, but when you look back on the weeks it seems like only days have passed.  True to form, here are some bullet points of fun things you need to know about Dav at 18 months...
  • Dav is already the jealous type.  He gets mad at Taylor if he holds my hand or hugs me for too long.  The other day we were hiking with Dav on Taylor's back.  Taylor was holding my hand as we walked and when Davin looked down and realized he got really mad and kept pointing at our hands. It wasn't good enough that we let go, I then had to hold hands with Davin as we walked.  
  • He LOVES to wave to people.  He waves at pretty much everyone we pass, and will keep waving until they wave back. 
  • Davin thinks he can juggle.  He puts a tennis ball in each hand and then moves his hands up and down and all around in the air and is really proud of himself while he does it. 
  • One of Davin's favorite parts of the day is when I eat cereal in the mornings.  He insists on sharing with me and will usually sit by me on the couch waiting for his turn for a bite.  
  • This warm weather has been awesome and Davin starts asking to go outside or "sigh" as soon as he wakes up.  Luckily it appears he has more of his Dad's skin than mine.  We were out one day longer than planned and I got a pretty good burn on my arms while Dav got nothing.  He already has a cute tan line on his neck.  I love it! 
  • 2 months ago Davin was an incredibly picky eater, but he all of a sudden started eating soooo much better.  I attribute that to the fact that he got a lot better at eating with utensils which he prefers because he HATES having dirty hands.  In fact, if he's eating something, like fruit slices, with his hands we have to clean them off before he will touch any of his other food.  Silly goose.  
  • He says quite a lot, but many of his words sound very similar so it's hard to distinguish.  My favorite word he says is "yeah"  He says it all the time and nods his head really big every time he says it. When we ask him if he wants something he has started saying "I do" (at least we think that's what he's saying) it's pretty cute.  
  • Davin is still a very sensitive, shy, and timid soul.  Little things make him nervous, like leaves blowing around in the wind  (but I don't mind because he usually runs to me and needs a hug) 
  • Today he experienced puddle jumping for the first time and was in heaven!  He kept asking for more "mo" and wanted to walk around and find every tiny little puddle.  
  • He  loves, loves, LOVES to spin in circles.  Seriously, if he is in a silly mood he will just spin in circles for like 20 or 30 minutes at a time and he just giggles uncontrollably the entire time. I think he just loves feeling dizzy.   
  • Davin just started trying to snort like a pig...I love it!  
  • At his 18 month doctor's appointment he was 50th percentile in weight and height and his head has started to become proportionate to his body and is now only the 80th percentile!  Way to go Dav!!  
There are many more things about this little munchkin that are so fun!  He keeps me laughing every day and we love him an incredible amount!  :)

Sporting a mohawk and a cheese smile

This was probably one of the best days of his life! He was in heaven. 

You can't see it very well but he is pointing to his bandaid.  He was super concerned about this owie.  

Loving the bucket and shovel at the reservoir.  

Realizing that his hands are dirty.  He did kind of shrug it off and keep playing though, I was proud. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Every blog needs an Easter post...

I don't want to feel left out in the blogosphere, so I MUST include a post about our Easter, chock full of pictures of my baby being adorable with his very own Easter eggs. It was a pretty typical day. The Easter Bunny had brought Dav a basket the night before and he was very excited to see it in the morning. We don't have a ton of pictures from the day because we mostly took videos...

I don't know why he has a sad face in this picture, he was actually super excited about his basket and of course about the eggs because there was CANDY inside!
That's better...sort of...
We did a small egg hunt for him outside. This is actually after he found all the eggs, but he had so much fun and was still walking around looking for more so I stole his basket, walked to part of the grass where he couldn't see me and re-hid all the eggs. It was just as exciting the second time around! In this picture he was lining his eggs up and "counting" them.
Looking like a really really big boy carrying his basket!
This was such a fun day with Davin! It seemed like the first holiday that he kinda understood what was going on. He knew that the basket and all the fun things in it were for him the second he saw it and I loved seeing how excited he got! One thing is for sure, he would eat candy all day long if we let him.

Outside fun in the sand

This warm weather lately has been lovely! We've managed to escape the doldrums a few times to experience it first hand. One day we went to Snow Canyon in St. George. We hiked around and then ate lunch in a nice sandy area. I'm pretty sure I had more fun than Davin... :)

Just a nice family picture with beautiful Snow Canyon in the background.

Align Left

One day we also went down to Sand Hollow Reservoir. Taylor used his float tube to do a little fishing and Dav and I played on the shore in the sand and got our feet wet in the cold water. Here is Davin looking out at the tiny speck that is Taylor.

How could I not include this one? His face is shiny from the sunscreen, and the sun must have been in his eyes.

Dav and I really did have a lot of fun. However, I think his favorite thing was experiencing cheetos for the first time. He was in cheeto heaven.

This is just a random picture from the other night. Dav was getting his jammies on but wouldn't let go of the tennis balls he was holding. I don't know why I found this so funny.
I know that wasn't much of an update, eventually I'll get around to it. Until then just trust me when I say Dav has been learning, growing, and getting cuter by the second. (I promise I am a completely unbiased mother....)