Monday, March 5, 2012


Life has been pretty chill. We don't have too much going on down here. Davin keeps us laughing while school and work and Davin (of course) keeps us busy. The impending move to Oregon is getting much closer (about 5 months now!) and we are getting very excited! I do wish, however, that I could go to sleep about the time the packing commences and wake up again when all our stuff is unpacked and put away in Oregon. (Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely DESPISE moving??) Any tips anyone has on moving long distances would be most appreciated! Now on to more important things....
DAVIN! This little guy is so much fun! (frustrating at times too, of course, no doubt about that) Here are a few quick bullet points about the little man at 16 months...

  • He still loves to play with balls, but cars, trucks and basically anything with wheels are a new favorite.
  • He has gotten much better at communicating what he wants to us, and has some very strong opinions. Luckily, he doesn't say the word "no" yet, he just shakes his head. He has started to say "yeah!" He mostly says it when he's really excited about something. The other day I asked if he wanted to go outside, and he basically screamed "YEAH!"
  • Light switches are the new coolest thing! Unfortunately he can reach his bedroom light switch from his crib, so for the past week whenever I go to get him in the morning or after nap his light has already been turned one. Sometimes I will see his light go on even before I've heard a peep out of him.
  • PICKY EATER! It's one thing when he just won't eat something because he doesn't like it, it's another when he gobbles it down one day, but won't touch it the next...any tips from you fabulous mothers out there??
  • His best tickle spot is his little neck. He acts like he doesn't want us to tickle him but will tip his head back, giving us the perfect target.
  • He likes to play the classic "I'm gonna get you" game, and will run away laughing so hard he sometimes topples over. However, he's not very good playing in reverse. He will chase us about halfway across the room and will then turn around and run away again.
  • And my personal favorite... He has started saying the word "whoa" and uses it in many instances. We now have evidence that he is all guy because his favorite time to use the word is after he farts. Just tonight he had some great big gas bubbles escaping in that not so polite fashion, and after every time he would pause, look surprised, and then loudly exclaim "whoa!" Gross.
I could go on and on and on and on but will stop there. While being a mom is really really hard at times, it is also really really awesome more times. I love being a mommy, and I love my little mister so much. He makes me laugh every day, and makes me want to pull my hair out about every other day. Life is not perfect, but it is good!
And now a few pictures for your viewing pleasure...

For a few weeks he went through a shoe fetish stage. He would constantly be putting on any shoes he could find.

Just a little yogurt beard

A little burrito all rolled up

He has perfected the cheesy smile and will do it on request.

Love, love, love this picture! Wearing a ball cap, a backpack, and his best "cheese" smile. He looks so grown up I want to cry a little.

We took a mini day trip to Zion's (thanks to Jared and Kelsey giving us their pass) Davin loved his new hiking backpack
Throwing rocks in the river, he basically freaked out when we made him stop so we could leave
Daddy and Davin. I told Dav to smile and he made this face instead. He thought it was hilarious
He was poking Taylor's head, our little jokester!
Just chillin!