Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A few things

Believe it or not, a few mentionable things have happened this month...

Taylor took his OAT and did a fabulous job! Davin and I were very proud and are ecstatic that the rest of the summer promises to be STUDY FREE!! He will be getting his application ready this summer to be submitted in July and hopefully we will be hearing back from schools this fall.

Davin is promising to be as nerdy as his father. Consider this picture as evidence. Really though, is not this picture the most adorable thing ever?? I think he looks like chicken little...only in boy from, not chicken form.
We have taken advantage of Taylor being done with studying and have been going outside to do fun things (when it's not snowing or raining of course. Both of which we have had in the past week.)
This is Davin's first time fishing! He made his dad proud.
Davin has to wear a bib all the time now because he's super drooly and had a horrible rash on his neck that wouldn't go away because it was always wet with drool. (gross!) Good thing he can pull off the bib look.
Just soakin up some sun!
We babysat for some friends. Meet Kiley. She is 10 months and is super cute! I was reminded that it's ok that Davin doesn't crawl yet. Life is much easier when those darn kids stay put in one spot.
Doesn't it look like we could totally handle twins?? Ok, maybe not.
This is before they started beating each other up. :)
Taylor's parents and little brother Dylan came up from Arizona and stayed with us Monday and Tuesday night so they could take Dylan to the MTC today. It seemed like Dylan was so ready to go and was super excited. I'm sure he'll be a great missionary. He is actually serving in the Salt Lake City South mission. So, all you folks up there, if you meet an Elder Blanco in the next 2 years be super nice please, and give him a golden referral or something.
Davin with his Uncle Dylan
Taylor left this morning for a 4 day fishing trip with Chad Bishoff (Kiley's Dad). They are going to some lakes up in the Boulder Mountains. Pretty sure Taylor was like a little kid anticipating Disneyland or something. That man and his fishing...sigh. :) The good news is that my Mom and possibly my little sis Whit will be coming down to keep me company (and to watch Davin while I'm at work) on Friday and Saturday. Davin's so excited!!

I'm going to be an Aunt again really soon!! My first niece is due in June (thanks to Jared and Kelsey) and I'm so excited to me her. Another nephew is due in August (thanks to Darren and Shaundra) and another little one is due in October (thanks to Jeff and Kathryn). Davin is so excited to have 3 cousins within one year of his age. What a lucky duck!

Last but not least...I feel a little bad to admit this, but I am sooooo relieved that the breaking news story about Brian David Mitchell being sentenced to life in prison did not interfere with Oprah's FINAL EPISODE!! Time to go watch. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I just had to

I just had to post something today when I realized that this post will officially make the number of posts in 2011 more than in 2009 and 2010 COMBINED! Really people, how did you survive those 2 years with so little news of my life?? (Joking of course, I'm not really that big-headed) Also, I posted 4 times in April, which was almost equivalent to the 5 times that I posted in all of 2010. I guess kids will do that to you.

Now I'm racking my brain for something to tell you... um... this morning I painted my toenails (one word or two???) bright blue. Seriously folks, not just kinda blue, but BRIGHT blue. It's very springish, but actually make my feet look cold, kinda like if you had blue lips, ya know?

Yesterday we went and bought a new fish, a beta this time. He's kind of weird, and will sometimes just go sit on top of the rocks at the bottom of the tank. Is that a bad sign?

For some reason, Davin has started waking up earlier, usually around 7. If you know me well you may know that I am NOT a morning person! And for that reason find this a difficult adjustment to make. I'm hoping this is just a phase and that he will soon go back to sleeping till 8 or 9 like he used to.

And last but not least, Taylor has 1 final down and 1 to go! And then of course his OAT (optometry admission test) in a couple weeks and then it is time for summer and parties and warmth and mini vacations and picnics and parks and just overall goodness. Yay summer.