Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween + some extra gems

Hello folks. Welcome to the blog that used to be about us and interesting things that happened but has now turned into another baby blog...and proud of it! Last Saturday we took Dav to the annual Livestock Heritage Festival here in Cedar City. What is the Livestock Heritage Festival you may ask? Oh you know, a whole weekend full of livestocky type of stuff. They have dutch oven contests, tractor pulls, draft horse pulls, quilt shows, antique car shows, cowboy poetry (yeehaw!!), and the one and only....drumroll.....SHEEP PARADE!!! (Not gonna lie, we skipped out on everything but the parade, although the cowboy poetry was tempting...) So in this parade they have all sorts of stuff such as, horses, old wagons, antique cars, giant sheep semis, local family owned livestock businesses, etc etc...and literally, they have sheep! That's right, every year at the end of the parade 1000 or so sheep are driven down main street Cedar City...that's right, MAIN STREET! I guess its the easiest way to get the sheep from their summer pastures up the mountain to their winter lodgings in the valley, I don't know. If you know Cedar, you know that if anything interesting is happening, well then, let's make a parade out of it!!

Here is Dav waiting for the parade to start.
SHEEP!! (told ya!) The announcer lady told us that nowhere else in the U.S. is there a sheep parade like in Cedar! We are awesome!
First ever sucker. YUM!
Ok, now we can get down to business with this Halloween stuff. Our little Dav was a cute Giraffe! When we first put the costume on him he wasn't so sure. But when he looked at himself in the mirror he smiled and laughed. It was cute. Little stinker never smiles for pictures. I swear he is NOT a solemn kid. He laughs and smiles all the time!

We went over to our friends the Bishoffs on Halloween night. Here is Davin the giraffe and Kiley the duck. Kiley was actually kind of scared of Davin and started crying shortly after this picture was taken. Hehe.
"Whoa! A duck!" "Is that a...giraffe???"
They went to about 3 houses, and had no clue what was going on.
We carved pumpkins and just had a grand ol' time while the kiddos played. We're glad that we still have some awesome friends here in Cedar.
Here is Kiley trying to share her milk with Davin. Thanks Ki!

Davin pooped out on his bedroom floor after a long long day!