Saturday, February 19, 2011

My baby needs your help...

Why, may you ask, is Davin sad? Because he wants a cousin! My brother Jeff and his wife Kathryn are trying to adopt a baby, and we are all freakin excited for them. So, if you know anyone considering adoption have them check out their adoption blog at
Really though, a large percentage of adoptions come through networking, so spread the word because you may never know, but your neighbor's brother's coworker's aunt's best friend's sister just may be thinking of adoption at this very moment!! Our whole family would be so grateful. Thanks so much, and remember, with your help in finding Davin a new cousin we could turn the above sad baby into this happy baby....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

World Records

We've been setting world records at our house lately. It began when I walked into Davin's room this morning. Upon entering I immediately smelled the ominous aroma of poop. Never a good sign. After carefully picking him up and a quick inspection, I saw the culprit. Poop...all the way up his back. Now this is not uncommon, and was not the inspiration for this post. The breaking point, and the thing that showed me that I still have good gag reflexes, was when I picked the diaper up to throw it away and it started DRIPPING OUT!! Nasty nasty nasty is all I can say. All over my hands, very smelly, and Davin's new record for worst poopy diaper. Good thing he can smile like this to make me forget...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life is much more exciting now

Guess who learned to roll over today?!?! Yup that's right, I was so proud of Taylor.... :) Ok ok, it was Davin!! Funny how something that simple is so thrilling, right? Once he did it the first time he took right to it and didn't stay longer than 2 minutes on his tummy. So proud of my munchkin.