Wednesday, August 25, 2010


As the title of the post may have implied, I have a confession to make...I am addicted to spider solitaire. It's true, if there were a spider solitaire anonymous group well then Taylor would probably make me go. (I think he's secretly annoyed with this new habit of mine, but is too nice to complain or say anything about it) There's just something about those fireworks going off when you win...ahhh satisfaction. Don't judge me though, turns out it's not a complete waste of time. I recently happened across an article online on ways to keep your brain from going mushy...the picture that accompanied the article...someone playing spider solitaire!!! (second confession...I didn't even read the article, the picture confirmed all I needed to know)

Don't know why, but I often go through phases of game addictions. These phases vary in length and intensity, but always involve quite a bit of wasted time. Just for fun, lets reminisce...
1) Minesweeper- Nothing better than seeing that little face turn into a smile!
2) Text Twist- Carly, I always think of you!
3) Yahtzee- "Aspire higher, go for the yahtzee!"
4) Farckle- "I'll farckle that"
5) Power Scrabble-I am the master!!
6) Rummikub - Taylor always wins, but I still love it.
7) California Speed- You can challenge me if you want, but I will destroy you! :)
8) Sequence- "da dun duh dun dun dun dun" (The noise taylor makes when he gets a sequence)
9) Mexican Train - choo choo! Nothing like a mexican train.
And going way way back...
10) Monopoly Junior!- Liz is the only other person who would understand this one...good times.

I love to reminisce! Now if you will excuse me, I must a) eat some tums and b) play a game (or ten) of spider solitaire..I crave it!