Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tell me the stories of Jesus

Davin's new favorite thing is for me to tell him stories.  His current favorite is the story of when Jesus calms the storm.  He always holds out his hands and says "Peace, be still" in the right part, it's darling of course.  I've probably told him this story 30 times in the past week, and tonight he requested it, once again, at bed time while I was lying next to him. (It's so hard to resist when he tips his little head to the side and says "Mommy, you snuggle with me?") So I recited it, once again, and then much to my pleasure he told me he wanted to tell me a story (yay! a break!)  He was whispering so I didn't catch every word, but it was something to the effect of "I was on a boat, big waves, Jesus help me." We then had the following conversation...

me- "Wow, Jesus helped you?"
dav- "yeah"
me- "Do you love Jesus?"
dav- "yeah"
me- "Does Jesus love you?"
dav- "yeah"
me- "Yep, he loves you so much"
dav- "yeah, so does Santa Claus"
me- " mostly Jesus."

Is this a bad sign that my son lumps Jesus and Santa Claus in the same category??  I feel like maybe we've left out some important lessons in there somewhere.  Good thing he's only 2 and a half and we have a few more years to get it right.  Maybe next week I'll tell him the story of Jesus 60 times, and maybe we should stop granting his song request of Santa Claus is coming to town...since it's almost May and all...


  1. So cute! I always love the way little kids talk, it is so priceless:)