Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today, Davin took being sneaky to an entirely new level.  He recently learned which button is the open/close  on the DVD player, this morning I repeatedly told him to leave it alone, and most importantly, don't mess around with the dvd inside.  A little while later, the stinker grabbed my hand, let me to the bottom of the stairs, and then insisted "mama, upstairs!" I asked if he was coming with me, he declined my offer and again insisted "mama, upstairs!"  This was new for us and for a few moments I wondered what was up, it didn't take long to realize.  I obliged his request and made my way up the stairs.  He stayed at the bottom watching my ascent, and wasn't satisfied until I'd reached the top and turned the corner, after which he quickly ran back into the living room.  I waited for about one minute then slowly and quietly crept back down the stairs and stuck my head out over the stair rail to witness his mischief.  Sure enough, he was at the DVD player pushing that most beloved button repeatedly, taking out the dvd, playing with it, putting it back etc. etc.  The kid was in heaven.  Can't you just picture those little wheels turning in his little almost 2 year old mind?  "Hmmm, mom says no, but if she's not here, she won't see me and I can do whatever I want!  Genius baby!  I'll just, ever so innocently, send mom upstairs and she will have nooooo clue what I'm up to."  When he eventually saw me peeking at him, he gave me his biggest, most innocent "too bad I'm this dang cute, and you don't even want to tell me to stop" smile.  He was right.  It's a good thing his other habit of late is randomly throwing his arms out wide, yelling "big hug!!" and running towards us to attack with a giant hug.  It seems he "ups" his level of cuteness on the same advancement schedule as his sneakiness.  I've gotta give him credit for that...

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  1. Haha, that is so cute! I love how clever kids can be and how their minds figure things out:)